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Underberg Digestif - Lot of 12 Mini Bottles (12 x 20ml.)

Underberg Digestif - Lot of 12 Mini Bottles (12 x 20ml.)

Sale price : $34.99

SKU : 012.62.19
Brand name : Underberg
Category name : Aperitifs & Digestifs
Origin: Made in Germany
Short description : Ingredients: Water, alcohol (44% by volume), natural flavors from herbs and roots of the genus gentiana.
Capacity : 12 X 20 ML
Weight: 0.800 Kg.
Auto Delivery : Yes

More details:
Underberg is a digestif bitter produced in Germany by Underberg AG in 1846, aged in oak casks and made from the maceration of water, roots, alcohol and aromatic herbs from 43 countries. It has a unique beneficial digestiff effect and convenient practical portion-sized bottle wrapped in straw paper.
Underberg has indeed become worldwide the symbol for well-being.

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