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 Frequently Asked Questions

Why join the Affiliate Program?

Join the Affiliate Program and start earning commissions from one of largest specialty Free Tax whole seller. Free Tax depot broad assortment of quality, brand name merchandise is a great way to complement or expand your web site's product offerings or to turn your web site into a site that sells. It's easy, we'll process the orders, ship the product, oversee the billing and handle the customer service for all products your customers purchase from

How do I become a Affiliate?
Please read through the Affiliate Program Terms And Conditions and complete our online application form. Once your application has been submitted for approval, we will email you with your application status within two business days. Upon acceptance into Affiliate Program, we will provide you with additional information including links to access library of graphics, banners and text links.

Do I need a website?
The affiliate program provides you with all the materials that you would need to advertise our products, but you will need somewhere to host or place these materials. So you will need to own some form of web space on which to advertise.

How do I know if my site is eligible to become a Affiliate? will be working with a limited number of high quality sites. We reserve the right to refuse any site that does not meet our quality and content standards set forth in the Free Tax Depot Affiliate Program Operating Agreement. A minimal requirement is that your URL must be functional. In addition, your Web site must have a top level domain, and it may not be under construction.

Can a nonprofit site become a Affiliate?
Yes. In this case, your earned commissions will go to support your nonprofit organization or cause. When submitting the application, please supply us with your not-for-profit tax identification.

Can a web site outside the United States be a Affiliate? ships world wide, and any sites in any language is eligible to participate in the Affiliate Program.

How much will I be paid?
Affiliates can earn 10% of sales based tiered commission structure!

When will I be paid?
Affiliates are paid commissions monthly by us once your aggregate account payout across your advertiser/ merchant network reaches $100. Affiliates are responsible for any taxes associated with commission fees.

What products are eligible for commission?
All products available at

How do I track my sales?
We offer online reports at that are updated daily. These reports provide an array of information, including the number of customers that linked to freetaxdepot.comfrom your web site and your earned commissions.

What are the terms & conditions of being an affiliate?
Our terms and conditions are listed in detail on the main Free Tax depot website (click here).

What does "double opt-in" mean?
Double opt-in refers to a mailing list that has gotten permission to email to a specific address by the initial web-form signup and by responding to a confirmation email.

 I have a list of emails I would like to use. Who do I ask for permission?
As stated in the terms & conditions, email advertising is strictly prohibited. If you can prove that the manner in which the email list was gathered and the content of the email will not result in SPAM complaints, you can contact our affiliate managers via the contact information found on the Contact Us page.

How and when are my paychecks sent?
Paycheck periods are based on calendar months and the checks are sent via regular post on or before the 10th of the following month. International destinations vary on delivery time. Special arrangements can be negotiated for successful affiliates. Contact us for more information.

May I advertise more than one product at a time?
Absolutely! As a matter of fact, we encourage you to advertise as many products as you would like. We do suggest, however, that you choose products that market well together which could increase your conversions.

How did I get a commission for a product that I'm not even advertising?
After a visitor leaves our site, they are presented with an exit popup console (unless you are using advanced tracking code to disable the exit consoles). When the visitor comes back your affiliate ID and tracking ID are carried along with that visitor and applied to any purchase they make off our site.

What is a tracking ID?
Tracking IDs are identifiers that you can add to your link code that allow you to separate and track your own sub-campaigns. In the reports section, you can then report on those separate tracking IDs or your account traffic as a whole.

How do affiliates get credit for reorder sales?""
A cookie is stored on the visitor's machine when they visits site via an affiliate's

How long does the tracking cookie last?
The cookie is set to last for 90 days.

What if the visitor has cookies turned off? Do I still get credit?
In addition to cookies, Free Tax depot website also uses sessions to record the affiliate information. As long as the user doesn't close their browser, the system will still properly record the affiliate information to give credit for the sale.

For further questions, please contact us at


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